Sponsor Packages

TNJ Network offers a number of sponsorship opportunities on our TV and digital platforms. These sponsorships support our operating costs and link your business with an organization that provides valuable services to community members and others around the country. Social media data, website viewership information, and guidelines for acceptable messages are listed at the bottom of this page. Packages are for 12 months and invoices will be sent on a monthly basis. A 5% discount on package pricing is available if full payment is made at the start of a sponsorship. Receive another 10% off if you purchase both a TV and a digital package. Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in being one of our sponsors.

Sponsorship Packages

Silver Package

  • 1 banner on Website

  •  1 Banner on Facebook

$ 49.99

Gold Package

  • 1 banner on Website

  •  1 Banner on Facebook

  • 1 email Blast (5000)

  • 4 by weeky post to FB page

$ 99.99

Platinum Package

  • 2 Banner on Website

  •  2 Banner on Facebook

  • 2 Email Blast (5000)

  • 8 by weeky post to FB page

$ 149.99


    As one of our TV sponsors your message will be broadcast in high-definition (HD)   TNJ Network is available to 2,400 homes.


    Your logo will appear for 20 seconds as a “static” ad several times a day on TNJ Network standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) TV channels. An example of a bulletin board can be found here.

    A 10-15 second ad will appear before local shows we broadcast on our SD and HD channels. The ad can be a “static” ad with your logo and copy or it can be a video ad with someone from your business delivering the message. Your ad will also appear on TNJ Network, which has these programs available for viewing online and via mobile devices. A sample ad can be found here.

    Every week your business will be tagged and thanked as a sponsor when TNJ Network posts it’s upcoming schedule on Facebook


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