General Press Release


Starting a network for the Urban African American Community          

Creating Postitive images in the Black Community  that will help future generation have a positve outlook on life      

         San Antonio, TX: T N Jackson Network is a network geared towards the urban African American community. The purpose of this network is to reach the urban community about positive programming that affects us as African Americans. The TN Jackson Network wants to change the way African Americans viewed in a more positive light. Today's images of African Americans are mostly negative with a lot of stereotypes that still affect Africans Americans perpetuating a negative view of our community. The T N Jackson Network will change this with positive programming of African Americans in TV programs such as Health in the black community; business, education, financial, relationships(family), and entertaining programs.


  • Quality

  • Content

  • Responsibility


  • Accountability


The network will find African American content from YouTubers and will display their content to the public through our network. T N Jackson Network will have advertisers to display their commercials on the network and will get you tubers with high followings.


About the T N Jackson Network: The T N Jackson Network was founded by Trina Jackson based in SAN Antonio, TX.  The network has a CEO named Kwesi Boyd who manages the day to day operations of the network. The TN Jackson Network will be proving content for the African American community with more of a positive vibe a flavor that the African American community is looking for.

Trina Jackson                                                                         


T N Jackson Network

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